Martial Arts Karate Business Card

Martial Arts Karate Business Card

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Small Martial Arts Karate Business Card Front View

Front View

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Back View

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If you own a Martial Arts academy, then this business card is just perfect for you! Just simply change the texts to put your business name, contacts, I’ve chosen the “White Standard” stock (which is a very good quality), however, you can always pick other premium or luxury kinds. Remember that the more you buy, the more you save! To know more about savings, please look at the bulk section. Here are some tips, please read: 1) If you want to change the color of any text, the size or the font just simply click on the “Customize it” button. 2) If you want to add or delete words, you can still do so by “Customize it”. 3) You can also move the texts up/down, right/left by dragging them to the direction you want with “Customize it”. 4) If you have your own logo and would like to include it, just go to “add images” button and put it where it belongs. 5) This business card is TWO-SIDED without any additional charge. So enjoy the back side of your card for free! 6) If it’s hard to customize your business card, or if there is something else you want to add or change and need some help, don’t worry! You can simply contact me and i’d be happy to help. Just click on where you see “Contact” next to my name "all_items" and icon, and leave me a message. I also do custom and private work for your convenience. Thank you!

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